Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World

Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World


As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, it’s time to start planning your ultimate summer getaway. Whether you’re seeking sun-drenched beaches, exhilarating adventures, or cultural immersion, the world is brimming with incredible destinations waiting to be explored. Here’s a curated list of the best summer vacation spots guaranteed to make this season unforgettable.

A Coast of Amalfi

Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World

A trip to the Amalfi Coast is highly recommended if you are looking for a summer vacation that includes limitless limoncello and breathtaking views of the coast. This scenic Italian location is known for its summers, which are characterized by high temperatures (daytime highs frequently reach the 90s) and full of exciting festivals and events. Among the thirteen seaside villages that look out over the Mediterranean Sea, you can choose your favorite.

You have the opportunity to indulge in great cuisine and luxury resorts in Positano (Il San Pietro di Positano and Le Sirenuse are two of the best places to visit), take a boat cruise to craggy grottos in Capri, or meander through lemon gardens in Sorrento. Please take note that during this time of year, you may anticipate an unending stream of crowds, lineups, and traffic no matter where you choose to stay.


Cyprus is a Mediterranean island that is located around 40 miles south of Turkey. During the summer months, the island gets hot and dry weather (think daytime temps in the 90s), and it offers a wide variety of activities and attractions. Due to the fact that summer is festival season, tourists have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the culture of the area by attending events such as the Potato Festival in July and the Lavender Festival in June.

There are a number of historic ruins, including the Tomb of Kings, that can be seen in Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. History enthusiasts will enjoy visiting this park. Those who are hoping to unwind by the water will find Nissi Beach and Fig Tree Bay to be ideal destinations due to their warm sand and brilliant turquoise water.

National Park of Glacier Lake

Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World

Although Glacier National Park is open throughout the entire year, the greatest time to visit this Montana treasure is during the summer months. The daytime temperatures have a comfortable range of the 70s to the mid-80s, while the nighttime temperatures drop to the 40s. Your vacation will be filled with activities such as trekking through more than 700 miles of trails, camping in one of thirteen campgrounds, and taking in breathtaking vistas along Going-to-the-Sun Road (the entire stretch of the road often opens in late June or July during the summer).

Keep in mind that this time of year also attracts the greatest number of people, with an estimated three million tourists coming between the months of May and September. If you want to guarantee that you will have a parking spot at popular locations like Avalanche Creek and Logan Pass, you can think about beginning your days before sunrise.

Azores Islands

Because the Azores, which are a Portuguese island series located in the Atlantic Ocean, have consistently warm temperatures throughout the year, there is virtually no poor time to visit them. At any time of the year, visitors can take pleasure in the natural wonders that these nine islands have to offer, which include lava caverns, mountains, and lush forests, among other amazing features.

However, summer is the time of year that has the highest temperatures, which often reach the 70s, and the driest weather, making it the ideal time to visit the beaches and dive sites that are considered to be the best in the islands. Additionally, throughout these months, there are other cultural events that take place, such as the Walk&Talk street art festival in São Miguel and the Maré de Agosto music festival in Santa Maria.

It’s Bali

Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World

Traveling to Bali during the summer is highly recommended due to the fact that it is during the dry season of the Indonesian resort. In addition, the normal temperature during the daytime hours is approximately 80 degrees.

This temperature during the summers is ideal for seeing the island’s stunning features, such as its beaches and outdoor temples, without the risk of suffering from heatstroke that is typically associated with such excursions. During your journey, you should make plans to see the Tegallalang Rice Terrace as well as other picture-perfect locations. It is recommended that you take into consideration the possibility of hiring a local guide in order to make the most of your vacation, as popular sites are likely to be packed.


Choose Bermuda as your destination for your summer vacation if you want to relax along some of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world. At this time of year, temperatures are normally in the 80s, which means that you will be able to take pleasure in swimming in the warmer waters of the Atlantic.

Beaches that are popular with tourists include Horseshoe Bay Beach, which is the most frequented beach, Elbow Beach, which is the pinkest beach, and Warwick Long Bay Beach, which is the longest beach. Bermuda is much less likely to be directly affected by storms during this time of year than other Caribbean islands are because of its location and its relatively small size.

The National Park of Zion

Zion National Park may not appear to be the most suitable vacation destination during the summer months due to the fact that temperatures can reach highs of 90s and 100s during this time of year. On the other hand, with a little bit of preparation, this can be one of the most breathtaking times to visit the Utah Monument.

Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World

There is a good chance that the entire park will be open, and its water treks, such as the Narrows, which involve wading into the Virgin River, provide a great deal of possibilities to cool off. Having saying that, make sure to pack a lot of water with you and always check the weather before you start out. The easiest way to avoid crowded trails and long shuttle lines is to arrive before sunrise or a couple of hours before sunset. This will give you the best opportunity of avoiding both situation.

The city of Rio de Janeiro

As the months of June, July, and August are considered to be Rio’s winter months, you may anticipate seasonal lows in the 60s during these months. This indicates that the numerous outdoor activities that Rio has to offer will be an extremely comfortable pursuit. You may see one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer, and sink your toes into famous sands like those found at Ipanema and Copacabana beaches.

You can also explore one of the largest urban rainforests on the world, which is located in Tijuca National Park. In addition, you might be able to get more affordable hotel prices than during Rio’s busiest summer months, which are from December to March. Passengers should be aware that beginning on April 10, 2024, all citizens of the United States who go to Brazil will be required to obtain a visa.

Reef of the Great Barrier

Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World

Are you looking for a summer trip that will stick with you forever? Consider taking a vacation to Australia to visit the largest coral reef in the world. At popular destinations such as Osprey Reef and Heron Island, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia provides some of the most breathtaking opportunities for snorkeling and diving anywhere in the world.

And, if you can believe it, the money you spend on tourism can contribute to the preservation of this natural marvel that is rapidly vanishing. On the other hand, you do not need to be a diver in order to completely appreciate this place. It is without a doubt that those who are trying to relax will be satisfied by sailing on the open ocean and relaxing on a beach in the Whitsunday Islands. On the other hand, the Kuranda Scenic Railway is an excellent option for those who are interested in exploring the mainland.

This is Machu Picchu.

Summertime in the Peruvian mountains is characterized by daily highs in the 60s and 70s, as well as a lower incidence of rain showers compared to other seasons. Due to the fact that the weather is so favorable, hikers who have previous experience will have excellent conditions for touring the Inca Trail.

This iconic location is still accessible to people who do not hike, but they will need to make reservations in order to gain access to the restricted number of admission passes that are available. Because of the extraordinary weather that occurs around this time of year, you should anticipate that this UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city of Cusco, which is located close, may feel more crowded than they normally would.


Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World

This is the kind of destination that will make all of your fantasies about a vacation in Greece come true, and that is the island of Crete. Greece’s largest island has everything you could possibly want, including seawater that is as clear as a picture, beachfront towns that are worthy of being featured on postcards, an abundance of history, and breathtaking scenery.

There is no other Greek island that provides as much variety as Crete, whether you are interested in hiking through the Samaria Gorge or exploring the dramatic twisting alleyways of Chania, taking a boat journey to beaches that are uninhabited, or learning the art of cooking in the Cretan style.

From Charleston, you should make your way to Savannah by car.

In spite of the fact that the South has extremely high temperatures during the summer (we’re talking about temps in the 80s and 90s), refreshing beverages like sweet tea and lemonade are readily accessible to help you cool down.

Start your journey at the port city of Charleston, where you may spend your time exploring the lovely cobblestone streets, walking the promenade along the beach, taking pictures of the colorful and historical homes of Rainbow Row, and eating your weight in crab cakes, hush puppies, and other Southern staples. In Charleston, you may stay at The Loutrel, a luxurious boutique hotel that is located just a few steps away from some of the city’s most popular attractions.

After that, get in your vehicle and go to Savannah, which is around two hours to the south. Despite the fact that the seaside city in Georgia has architecture that is comparable to that of Spain and oak trees that are wrapped in Spanish moss, it also has hundreds of museums and art galleries that are of world-class quality, providing an escape from the heat. Make your reservation at The Alida, which has been ranked as one of the top hotels in Savannah by readers of T+L.

The island of Puerto Rico

Best Summer Vacation Destinations in the World

This summer, are you looking to get away from the mainland? A vacation on the island of Puerto Rico does not require a passport from the United States of America. The island has over 300 miles of coastline, which means that there are numerous beautiful beaches. Additionally, the high temperatures during the season, which are in the 80s, are ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

Even though July is Puerto Rico’s rainy season, it is highly unusual that you would experience rain that lasts the entire day. Additionally, during this time of year, a limited number of tourists visit Puerto Rico, which means that you will have a more genuine and affordable experience in the country. Travel insurance is a useful precaution to take against seasonal storms because the height of hurricane season here occurs in the months of August and September.

The harbor of Bar Harbor

As a result of its close proximity to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine is an excellent place to hang your hat during the summer months, when the town is at its most beautiful with daytime temps in the seventies. Despite the fact that the proximity to the park is unquestionably one of the selling aspects of Bar Harbor, you should be sure to leave some time in your schedule to explore this charming seaside town first.

To begin, you should go to the downtown area of Bar Harbor, where you will find restaurants that provide dishes that include lobster and blueberries, which are the official fruit of the state. The next step is to make reservations for a boat or whale-watching cruise on the bay, or you may go for a walk along the picturesque Shore Path to take in breathtaking photographs of the coastline.

From sun-soaked beaches to rugged mountain landscapes, the world is full of incredible summer vacation destinations just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, there’s a perfect destination out there for every traveler. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime in one of these amazing summer getaways.

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