Best Things To Do in Peru: Visit Peru’s Amazon Jungle

Best Things To Do in Peru: Visit Peru’s Amazon Jungle


Get ready to see the beautiful colors of Peru. Look at the colorful rocks on the mountain, touch the soft fabric of the Peruvian poncho, and hear the beautiful music of the Amazon rainforest and its animals. This place has amazing sights and 75% of the world’s alpacas. Here are some activities recommended by gotripguide to do in Peru.

Visit the Old Incan City of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a famous place and one of the new seven wonders of the world. The Incas moved stones up these mountains using only their hands. This shows how impressive Incan engineering was and how strong humans can be. You must visit Machu Picchu when in Peru.

Walk the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain’s Unknown Trail

If you have ever thought about going to Peru, you’ve probably heard of Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain. If you don’t want to deal with the crowds that come with being famous, you could hike its brother Palccoyo, which is just as beautiful but less crowded.

This mountain is a must-see in Peru because of its beautiful colors, which come from a mix of rocks that give it the look of rainbow stripes.

Visit Sacred Valley

Visit old Peruvian towns, salt mines, and terraces and be amazed by the building styles and farming methods that can be seen all over the valley. This valley is a great example of how smart the Incas were.

To Do in Peru: Take the Most Beautiful Train Ride in Peru

The train ride to the foot of Machu Picchu is one of the most beautiful in the world. The train cars have windows on the top, so you can see the tall tops of the mountains from all sides.

Experience an Extraordinary Wildlife Event at the Ballestas Islands

In Peru, you have to go to the Ballestas Islands to see an amazing wildlife event that you can’t miss. Penguins and dolphins, sea lions, and pelicans all live together. The Ballestas Islands are a must-see for anyone who loves wildlife because they are full of birds and have rough rocks.

Climb the Highest Sand Dunes in South America

Peru has the deepest valleys, the oldest artifacts, and the highest sand dunes in all of South America. Discover the desert paradise of Huacachina, a small town with palm trees and a lagoon that makes you feel like you’re far from the rest of Peru. Climb to the top for an unforgettable sunset.

Look at the White Volcanic Rock City of Arequipa

The white volcanic rock from the nearby Misti Volcano was used to build the city’s old part. The volcano hasn’t opened since 1600, and you can see it from the beautiful Yanahuara lookout. Because of the volcanic dirt in the area, Mercado San Camilo has a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Walk Along the Stone-paved Streets of Cusco

The most famous place to go and a great thing to do in Peru is Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas. Walk along the cute cobblestone streets, which have buildings that are a mix of Incan and Spanish colonial styles. Hike up the hill outside of Cusco to the stone wall called “Saqsayhuaman,” explore the many cathedrals in the city’s historical center, and then watch the sunset from one of the many vantage places that look out over the city.

See the Sights of Lima

The capital of Peru is quickly becoming the new place to find love. Walk through the “Park of Love” or the “Puente de Los Suspiros” bridge.

If dating isn’t your thing, you could spend the day surfing or paragliding, which are two of the most popular things to do in Lima. Lima is near the coast, so most of the city is flat. This makes it a great place to ride a bike to see all the street art, beautiful parks, and hills.

Visit Peru’s Amazon jungle

The Amazon jungle, which covers an amazing 60% of Peru, is one of the best and most important places in the world. Take a walking and boat trip to the Amazon to learn about its culture and wildlife. This will let you see how the tribes and animals of the rainforest live.

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Peru is a fascinating country with a rich cultural history, a wide range of beautiful natural landscapes, and a lot of wildlife. Peru has a lot of things to do and see, from the grand beauty of Machu Picchu to the bright colors of Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain. The Sacred Valley shows how smart the Incas were, and the Ballestas Islands are a one-of-a-kind place to see an amazing animal event. In Huacachina, the highest sand dunes in South America give visitors a once-in-a-lifetime desert experience. In Arequipa, the white volcanic rock city, and Cusco, the stone-paved streets immerse visitors in history and architectural wonders. Lima is the country’s main city, and it has a variety of romantic spots, places to have fun outside, and colorful street art. Lastly, going into Peru’s Amazon jungle opens up a world of cultural immersion and encounters with wildlife. Peru is a very interesting place to visit because of its bright rocks, soft fabrics, beautiful music, and many alpacas.