Budget Travel Places in Italy


Do you want to find cheap places to vacation in Italy during the summer? We’ve made a list of affordable Italian destinations that cater to everyone’s preferences!

Discover affordable holiday destinations in Italy.

  1. Roccella Ionica, Calabria
  2. Torre Canne, Puglia
  3. Sapri, Campania
  4. Portoscuso, Sardinia
  5. Porto Empedocle, Sicily
  6. Marina di Bibbona, Tuscany
  7. Noli, Liguria

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Roccella Ionica, Calabria

Budget Travel Places in Italy

Calabria is a lesser-known region in Italy that offers affordable options for holidays along the beautiful Italian coast. Roccella Ionica is a charming village located in Costa dei Gelsomini, just one hour away from the port of Villa San Giovanni. It is not a crowded tourist destination. Some beaches have a “Blue Flag” certification and it’s a good idea to visit them for a few days to see historical attractions and relax.

Go see the amazing Castello dei Principi Carafa Castle and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. You can go to the village’s long white beach in the mornings and relax at either the secluded area or the organized area.

To find a place to stay in Roccella Ionica, we suggest renting a vacation home for a short period of time.

Torre Canne, Puglia

Despite the fact that Puglia is one of the most popular vacation destinations in southern Italy, there are still unexplored areas for the privileged few to discover. Torre Canne is one of the best-hidden gems in Puglia.

Torre Canne is a seaside paradise 45 kilometers from Brindisi known for its beaches, white homes (trulli) with conical roofs, and spas.

Torre Canne can be enjoyed with both companions and family! Ferryhopper recommends that you unwind on the many beaches (8 km of coastline), refuel at the hot springs, and visit the Natural Park of Coastal Dunes, one of Puglia’s most magnificent natural assets.

Sapri, Campania

Budget Travel Places in Italy

The Cliento district of Salerno is renowned for its art, history, culture, and picturesque seaside communities. There are numerous worth-visiting towns and villages in Italy, but Sapri is one of the best destinations for inexpensive vacations!

In Sapri, you can explore the narrow alleys, visit the villa Romana and Pozzo di San Vito, and take long strolls along the promenade. For beach fun, you can visit the primary beach or experience secluded swimming along the rocky southern coast. Apprezzami l’Asino is one of the best hiking pathways in the region if you enjoy hiking.

From mid-June to the end of August, you can travel directly by ferry from Sapri to the Aeolian Islands. With hydrofoils, the ferry company Alicost makes the crossing to the island of Lipari in just two hours, making it suitable for a day trip.

Portoscuso, Sardinia

Summertime in Sardinia is synonymous with lively nightlife, but it’s no secret that it can be quite pricey. However, this is not entirely accurate. If you are searching for more affordable vacations, head to the southern part of the island.

Portoscuso is such a place to visit! The village, located 45 kilometers from Cagliari, offers incredible waters, historical sites, and loads of excitement. Also, this is not all. Immediately opposite Portoscuso is the obscure island of San Pietro.

From Portoscuso, you can reach San Pietro by sea in just 30 minutes. We advise you to visit the island during the day to save money on lodging.

Porto Empedocle, Sicily

So, what do you do if you’ve always wanted to visit Sicily but can scarcely afford a trip to the grocery store? You purchase frozen pizza! No, no! The southern region of Sicily is considerably cheaper than the northern region, so go there!

Budget Travel Places in Italy

The region between Agrigento and Ragusa conceals paradisiacal destinations with beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, and significant archaeological sites.

Porto Empedocle is one of our fave communities in the area! It is the birthplace of the renowned author Luigi Pirandello and a wonderful location for inexpensive entertainment and lodging.

Do not overlook a visit to the magnificent white cliffs of Scala dei Turchi (“Stair of the Turks”). This breathtaking natural scenery is home to one of the best beaches in Sicily, and Porto Empedocle is only eight minutes away by vehicle.

Marina di Bibbona, Tuscany

The Etruscan Coast in Tuscany is ideal for a relaxing and inexpensive vacation in Italy. Marina di Bibbona, 44km from Piombino is a favorite among residents!

This small village comes alive in the summer due to its extensive coastline and gorgeous pine forest. Camping is popular in Marina di Bibbona, which is a wonderful vacation destination for families and young travelers.

We recommend a lovely day excursion from Marina di Bibbona to the village of Bolgheri to sample delicious wines!

Noli, Liguria

The coast of Liguria is renowned worldwide for its beaches and picturesque seaside communities. Even though this is one of the more expensive options on our list, Riviera di Ponente still offers more affordable lodging and entertainment options.

The village of Noli is an example of this. Noli is located midway between the popular resorts of Spotorno and Finale Ligure, 20 minutes from Savona.

During your vacation in Noli, you will encounter distinct sites, ancient structures, crystal-clear waters, and time-honored customs. Oh, we neglected to mention that Noli is one of the Borghi più belli d’Italia, an organization that recognizes Italy’s most picturesque villages!

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