Credit Card Travelling Hack Trick: Does Use Credit Card Travel Hacking Impact My Credit Score?

Credit Card Travelling Hack Trick: Does Use Credit Card Travel Hacking Impact My Credit Score?


If you spend some time planning, credit card hacking can be very rewarding. It takes discipline and strategy. Learn about travel hacking basics in Travel Hacking 101 to find out how you can use your credit cards to your advantage.

Credit Card Travelling Hack Guide

You can get free flights, hotels, and car rentals with this method.

You can earn points in many ways, even if you don’t spend a lot. Do you know that you can get more than $500 worth of travel by just signing up for a new card? Can you use a credit card to pay for taxes, utilities, and insurance?

You can earn bonus points at places where you already shop and eat. So, use your card instead of cash to make your spending work for you.

Travel Hacking 101: Basics

Credit card companies want more customers and make money from interest payments. People owe a lot of money on credit cards. The good news is that they want to give you benefits right away so that you will end up paying interest. If you pay your credit card bill in full every month, you won’t have to pay any extra fees or interest charges. Look for extra charges in the small text about transactions.

Travel reward cards come in different types. They can be from a hotel chain, an airline, or more flexible Travel Points like American Express Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Reward Points. You can choose different cards to reach your goals.

Maximize Your Points Earned

The Sign-Up Bonus:

To earn travel rewards on your credit card, the sign-up bonus is the most important thing to consider. You will receive a certain number of points for signing up for a new card all at once. You need to spend a certain amount of money before you can get these points. We got 100,000 Hilton Honors points by spending $2,000 over three months, which we were already planning to spend.

Waive-of-Yearly Fees:

If you want to keep using the credit card for free, it’s best to avoid paying any fees unless there are significant advantages, such as earning the Southwest Companion Pass. Find a card that doesn’t charge an annual fee or offers to waive the fee for the first year. Make sure to cancel the card before the date when they charge you the annual fee.

Bonus Spending Categories:

Many travel reward cards offer bonus categories that give you extra points for spending money on specific things. Some cards give rewards for buying groceries or fuel. If you spend money on hotels that have their own credit cards, you can earn extra points. Some cards give you extra rewards when you shop at specific stores.

Other Value Adds:

Credit cards that offer travel rewards usually have additional perks. The American Express Gold Card gives you $10 back each month when you spend money at certain stores. The $10 comes as a credit on your statement.

Fancy airline or hotel cards usually have a loyalty program that gives you special benefits.

Does Using Credit Card Travel Hacking Impact My Credit Score?

If someone hacks your credit card, it could hurt your credit score. Getting a new credit card may temporarily lower your credit score. It’s important to know what affects your credit score.

If you have a good credit score, you will have more choices for credit cards. Credit card companies will be more likely to approve your application because they see you as a responsible borrower. You can use techniques to keep your credit score safe and make it better. I suggest that you look into this on your own.

Worst Things About Using a Credit Card

  • Not Paying Your Credit Card Bill on Time
  • Living Beyond Your Means
  • No Plan

Not Paying Your Credit Card Bill on Time:

If you have to pay interest on your credit card, you’re losing money instead of saving it. Clear your debt and destroy your credit cards.

Living Beyond Your Means:

Don’t buy things you wouldn’t normally buy. Don’t increase your spending to earn points if you don’t earn or spend much. The most important thing is to receive the bonus for signing up. If you’re having trouble spending enough money in the given time, use the card for your daily expenses like groceries, gas, insurance, and electricity bill, or buy a gift card for a store you often shop at, such as your local supermarket.

No Plan:

Make a plan and decide how many cards you can open and when. Don’t apply for too many credit cards at once or you might miss out on the best ones. Make sure to read the guidelines for your country and always read the terms and conditions carefully. They can change before travel websites have a chance to update their recommendations.

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