Flying with Kids: How to Keep Them Busy on the Flight

Flying with Kids: How to Keep Them Busy on the Flight


The big trip is coming up, and soon you’ll be flying with your kids, maybe for the first time. They are very excited, but you aren’t as much because you’re worried about this trip… Taking young children on a plane trip can be scary, and that’s normal. How can we keep them busy on the flight?

What should you pack in your carry-on? We love traveling families here at go trip guide! Children learn a lot when they visit different parts of the United States or other countries. You shouldn’t let the trips stop you from exploring. In this piece, we’ll show you that, with a little bit of planning, you can take your kids on an airplane trip and not worry about them at all.

When Flying With Kids, Make Sure Their Carry-on Bags Are Packed Right

Flying with Kids: How to Keep Them Busy on the Flight

Before you leave, make sure that everyone in your family has a legal identity card (for countries in the European Union) or passport (for countries farther away).

As soon as you book your family trip, call the company to find out what you need to do to travel with kids. For example, if your flight includes one or more meals, don’t forget to ask the company about children’s choices.

Also, check to see if the company lets your kids bring small bags. This is usually allowed. If the child is allowed to bring his own carry-on bag, give him a small suitcase or a bag on wheels that will make him happy. He can put away his soft toy and other things meant for the trip. Don’t forget to leave a small room in your checked luggage for your child’s bag when you get there.

Lastly, check with the airline to see what the largest size of your carry-on bag is. This will help you escape unpleasant shocks at the airport.

Put Together the Best Carry-on for Flying With a Child

Flying with Kids: How to Keep Them Busy on the Flight

Now you need to pack the small bag you will take into the cabin. Bring clothes that are comfortable and not too tight for you and your kids, as well as a change of clothes. Small accidents (vomiting, breaking glass, etc.) can happen quickly, and you’ll be glad you brought extra clothes. If you have room in your bags, bring a change of clothes for yourselves, too. In fact, even a small accident could happen to you… And if that happens, you will be very glad to be able to change your T-shirt.

Then, put together a small health and hygiene kit with wipes, basic medicines like pills, your normal treatments or those of your children, and a small moisturizer.

Because of the air conditioning, planes are often cold, which can be uncomfortable for young children. Plan what you want to cover. You can bring a small sleeping pillow, an eye mask, a blanket, a hat, or all four. Don’t forget that the blanket or your favorite soft toy will help you get to sleep. What a mess it would be if it got stuck in the hold… There’s no need to make this trip harder.

Put kids’ headphones or helmets in your carry-on bag, especially if you’re going on a long trip. They will be very helpful for watching movies and cartoons or listening to music on the company’s screens. Don’t forget to bring a way to charge your electronics.

Lastly, try to be ready for the pain in your ears when the plane takes off. Tell your child what he will feel, play games where he has to yawn and pack snacks and gum in your bag. In fact, chewing helps the bad feeling go away quickly. Also, bring enough snacks to keep you from getting hungry, especially if the flight is long.

Change the Things a Child Can Do on a Flight

At Go Trip Guide, we hope your bags aren’t too heavy, because we’re about to give you ideas for tasks and games to bring with you to keep your kids busy. You shouldn’t be afraid to take your kids on an airplane. If you’ve planned ahead, the ride will be easy.

Manual Activities on the Plane

Flying with Kids: How to Keep Them Busy on the Flight

You can plan for your kids to do things with their hands on the plane. This can be modeling clay, scoubidous, origami to make, stickers to put on paper, etc. They will keep your kids busy for a long time, and focusing on something will calm them down, which is great for a plane ride.

You can also bring something to draw or color, as long as you use colored pencils instead of markers, which can leave stains. There are small coloring boxes that are good for traveling because they are easy to carry.

The go trip guide has play kits ready to go if you’re stuck for ideas.

A few companies also give kids gifts when they travel. On long-haul trips, Air USA gives each child between the ages of 3 and 8 a game kit with a coloring book, pencils, an anti-stress ball, small figures, etc., as well as activities that are good for kids.

Reading and Watching Movies Are Ways to Relax on a Flight

Bring books and magazines, because they can keep your kids busy for a long time. Try to choose the ones that talk about the place you want to go. For example, each issue of The Travel Babies magazine tells your child about a place in the United States and a place in another country. Your kids will enjoy learning more about where they are going on vacation, and they will be able to plan activities (places to see, etc.) based on what they read.

If your trip is long and the plane has screens, you can also let them watch a kids’ movie or show. Don’t be afraid to switch up the tasks. It will make the time go by faster.

Lastly, let your child choose what they want to bring on the plane, but leave room for gifts, like new books, toys, etc., that you will give out during the trip. And stay cool. Traveling with young children takes a lot of patience.

Flying as a Family: Playing Together to Pass the Time

Flying with Kids: How to Keep Them Busy on the Flight

Young children find it hard to stay in their seats for long periods of time without moving. The best way to pass the time is to play a good family game with your parents or siblings. There are now a lot of games that are small enough to take on the go. They are light and can fit into a small bag. Card games like UNO and 7 Families are also great for long flights. You can also bring some of their toys with you, such as dolls, toy cars, action figures, and so on. But make sure to bring toys that are light and quiet so that other people can relax.

Use your ideas! Use what you have around you to play with your child. Set up a guessing game with the device being held by the clouds. Try to spot animal shapes and faces, and be creative! It will be fun for your kids. If that happens, even great old jokes like “Neither yes nor no” won’t be very funny. Lastly, make sure to stretch your legs often, especially on long flights. Even if they only get to move around for a few minutes, your child will be happy. Take the chance to play “Tell me three things…” about what they saw on their trip.

If you have to wait a long time between flights, plan a small workout and stretching session at the airport, as well as a time to read stories. Are you also tired? Let Go Trip Guide show take over, we have great stories to tell you and connect quickly to the airport wifi.