Most Important Packing Items for the USA & Canada
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Most Important Packing Items for the USA & Canada


Going on a trip through the United States and Canada is like nothing else in the world. From wanting to hike through the best National Parks the United States has to offer to wanting to explore the international streets of busy downtown Toronto, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you need to do with everything on your bucket list. Read on to find out the Important things you should pack for a trip to the USA or Canada.

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1- US and Canadian Currency

When traveling in the USA and Canada, it’s a good idea to bring small amounts of local cash. In the US, money is made out of US dollars, and in Canada, money is made out of Canadian dollars. Tipping is common in both countries (for cab drivers, servers, bartenders, etc.), so it will be very helpful to have a few bills on hand when you travel.

2- Universal Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter is another must-have item to avoid electricity problems while traveling.

3- Copies of Documents

One of the best travel tips is to make extra copies of your passport, travel insurance, and visa. Things get broken, and sometimes things get lost along the way. Having copies of important travel papers with you will put your mind at ease in case you need a backup plan.

4- Pillow and Blanket

When going from one place to another, having a pillow and blanket is the most comfortable thing you can do. Before you go on a trip, make sure to buy a travel pillow and blanket that are small, light, and, of course, comfortable.

5- Headphones and Portable Charger

When you’re traveling for a long time, you’ll need a comfortable pair of headphones so you can watch movies or listen to music to pass the time. Plus points if they block out noise.

Portable chargers are the newest and best way to keep your electronic devices charged and close at hand. If you’re looking for a new power bank, look for one that’s small, light, and has a long battery life.

6- First Aid Kit

First, safety. A small first aid kit is always a good idea to help you plan and get ready for any emergency.

7- Toiletries

Your trips will be much easier if you pack your toiletries in a light case that is easy to get to. Make sure to pack all the things you can’t live without, like soap, shampoo and conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste, razors, medicine, etc.

8- Sunscreen

From relaxing on white-sand beaches in Hawaii to taking in the fresh ocean air on a walk to Peggy’s Cove, parts of the United States and Canada can get very hot and humid in the summer, so you may need to wear extra protection. Sunscreen should be on your list of things to bring so you can stay safe from the sun’s UV rays. A hat with a wide brim and sunglasses are also important.

9- Backpack

A waterproof bag is another thing you need to pack for the USA and Canada to keep all your important travel items safe and dry.

10- Reusable Water Bottle

A collapsible and reusable water bottle is a trip must-have if you want to stay hydrated and don’t want to spend a lot of money on single-use water bottles. Keep an eye out for water-filling spots as you travel, and pat yourself on the back knowing that you’re helping to protect the environment by not using and consuming plastic.

11- Umbrella and Rain Jacket

The weather in the USA and Canada can be very different based on where you want to go and what time of year it is. Bringing a travel umbrella that can be folded up is a great way to stay dry.

You could also keep a windbreaker or rain jacket that you can fold up close by. Your Trafalgar Travel Director, who is also known as your personal USA trip manager, will let you know if bad weather is coming. But a helpful waterproof jacket should be on your packing list just to be safe and keep you warm and dry.

12- Comfortable Shoes

When getting ready for your big trip to the US and Canada, you need a pair of shoes that are comfy. A solid pair of shoes is a must whether you’re going on a guided walking tour of busy New York City or a hike through the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

13- Bathing Suit

When you travel to North America in the summer, a swim in a lake, beach, pool, etc. is a must to beat the heat. Make sure to put a swimsuit on your list of things to bring to the US and Canada. Also important to think about are flip-flops, a travel towel, and a cover-up.

14- Maps

With the technology we have now, we can get area maps by pressing a few buttons on our cell phones. Depending on how you like to travel, you might want to do some research ahead of time and pick up some handheld maps to help you get around your new location. Or, save your map finds on your phone so you can use them when you’re out and about. Your Trafalgar Travel Director and Coach Driver will also be able to help you if you get lost or need help finding your way.

15- Lightweight Suitcase

A lightweight suitcase will be your best friend if you want to bring all of the above items. Not only will it be easy on your hands, shoulders, back, and arms, but you might also be able to fit more things in it than if you had heavier, bulkier luggage.

16- Food

Food is essential for everyone. While traveling, you will suffer from a shortage of energy, so you must have enough food to eat and get energy.

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