Maximizing Rental Income with VRBO: Pros, Cons, and How It Works

Optimizing Rental Profits with VRBO: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Operational Insights


If you own a vacation home and want to earn extra money by renting it out, VRBO is a good option for you. All you have to do is list your vacation home on VRBO and wait for guests to book it. However, keep in mind that VRBO will charge you a 5% commission and a 3% processing fee for each booking made through their platform.

VRBO Pros and Cons

You are allowed to post a listing for free.You can make money by renting out property.Reaching a large online audience through listing.Getting reviews can help increase the popularity of your listing.A fee of 5% plus an additional 3% is charged on every booking.Less Customer and Traffic

How VRBO Works?

Vrbo is a platform for vacation rentals. It was founded by David Clouse in 1995 in Aurora, Colorado. Vrbo was made to help homeowners connect with people who want to stay in their homes for vacation.

You can rent different types of vacation accommodations on VRBO, such as houses, apartments, condos, villas, and more.

When you create an account on Vrbo, you can easily list your vacation rental and specify the dates it is available for others to book.

Best For

Vrbo is a great option for property owners who have vacation homes and want to earn extra money by renting out their property.

What Can You Rent With Vrbo?

Vrbo allows you to easily rent entire vacation homes for your trips or list your own vacation homes for rent.

Vrbo is different because all the rentals are entire homes. This means you won’t have to share with other guests or the homeowner. You can easily look through the vacation homes that are available for your desired dates and book directly from the website.

VRBO Benefits

Enitre House for Rent

Vrbo offers vacation properties that are fully rented out to guests. As a homeowner, you can list your entire home for rent without having to share the space with guests.

Side Income

If your vacation rental is in a popular area and gets booked by guests, you can earn a good amount of extra income from Vrbo. If you’re looking to earn some extra money on the side, Vrbo is a great option for you.

Potential Guests

Listing your vacation rental on Vrbo is a fantastic idea. It allows you to reach a large number of potential guests, and it’s a trusted platform that guests feel comfortable using. Vrbo has 2 million listings and is popular among families and people looking for whole-house rentals.

What is the Cost of Using Vrbo?

  • Commission Fee 5%
  • Processing Fee3%


When you sign up for a Vrbo account, you’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and the vacation rental you’re listing. To start, just fill out the required information and create an account. Don’t forget to provide your payment details. Once that’s done, you can post your listing and wait for bookings to come in.

Payout Options

When using Vrbo, you will receive payment through their secure payment platform. You can use Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for processing payments.

We send your payouts one business day after your guest checks in. You can expect the money to be available in about five to seven business days.

Vrbo Support

Vrbo has a helpful support page with answers to commonly asked questions. The questions are organized into different categories for easy navigation. On Vrbo’s help page, you can find a variety of how-to articles that provide assistance with different questions.

Is Vrbo Worth It?

Vrbo is worth it if you own a vacation home and want to rent it out to make extra money.

Just put your holiday home up for rent on Vrbo and wait for people to book it. Note, though, that each booking you get through the site will cost you a 5% commission and a 3% processing fee.

Process for VRBO Sign Up

To join Vrbo, you have to fill out a form with information about your vacation rental. After you give information about yourself and the post, you’ll add a way to pay and finish setting up your account.

After you make an account, you can post your holiday home and wait for people to book it.


Is VRBO Scammed?

If you follow the rules of the sites, it’s very hard to be scammed on Vrbo.

Are Transactions on Vrbo Refundable?

When you book with Vrbo, they will keep the refundable damage deposit you paid. If the property owner doesn’t make a claim for damages, you will get a refund.