Rail Europe Review

Rail Europe Review: Your Ticket to Hassle-Free European Travel


Rail Europe is a convenient place to plan your train travel in Europe. Rail Europe makes traveling by train in Europe easy and convenient. They have access to over 11,000 destinations across 33 countries, making it simple to book your train tickets.

If you’re someone who loves to travel or if you’re new to traveling, this Rail Europe review will help you understand how to plan and book your ideal European train adventure using their online booking platform.

About Rail Europe

Rail Europe is a website that focuses on selling train tickets and rail passes for traveling in Europe. 

Yes, Rail Europe is a legitimate website. It is not just legitimate, but also highly respected and commonly used by travelers to Europe who wish to book train travel ahead of time.

They have many different choices for train travel, such as fast trains, beautiful routes, and local trains. Additionally, they have partnerships with several European railway companies. This is convenient for those who are backpacking through Europe or traveling to multiple countries in one trip, as these countries are serviced by different rail companies. 

Everything You Need to Know About Train Travel

Traveling by train in Europe is an amazing experience that will impress many travelers from the United States. Trains in Europe usually have spacious and cozy seats, making your journey comfortable. They are also very convenient, as they can transport you from the center of any major city to almost any destination you desire. 

Traveling by train in Europe is a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to get from one city to another or prefer a leisurely journey through beautiful landscapes, trains have got you covered. They are efficient, convenient, and provide a comfortable experience. 

Actually, there are a few reasons why you might choose to go on a road trip through Europe. However, in general, traveling by train in Europe is cheaper and less stressful compared to driving or flying.

Rail Europe is a great option for booking train travel. They provide lots of helpful information like timetables, fares, and routes.

You can find useful tips on a wide range of topics, including packing and navigating train stations.

How to Book Tickets in Europe?

If you’re not used to train travel, booking train tickets in Europe can seem overwhelming, especially if you live in a region where train travel is not common. Fortunately, Rail Europe simplifies the process and reduces stress. 

The website is designed to be easy to use. You can search for and book train tickets without leaving your home or hotel. It also helps you plan your route and itinerary for traveling by train in Europe.

Rail Europe offers different types of tickets, such as point-to-point tickets and rail passes. This allows you to choose the option that suits your travel needs the most.

On the home page, you just need to enter your departure and arrival train stations, date and time of travel, and the number of passengers. The website will then find all the options for your trip and display the price, travel time, and number of station changes for each option.

On the homepage, you can search for rail passes. You can specify if you will be traveling in one country or multiple countries.

First Class vs. Second Class 

The meal we received with our first-class train ticket from Edinburgh to London.

When you book train tickets in Europe, you can choose between first class or second class. You can specify your preference when booking through Rail Europe. 

First class provides larger seats and sometimes includes free food and drinks. It is usually quieter and less crowded than the other option.

The second class is a more affordable option that still provides comfortable seating. All trains, no matter the class, have amenities such as Wi-Fi and snack bars or bistro carts.

Navigate Train Stations in Europe

Train stations in Europe can get quite crowded and can feel overwhelming at times. This article is primarily a review of Rail Europe, but we also aim to give you all the necessary information about train travel in Europe to simplify your trip planning.

Getting around train stations is like getting around airports. Airports have various terminals, gates, and flight numbers.

In Europe, train stations have platforms and train numbers for different routes. We have departure boards that are similar to those found in airports. These boards provide information about when each route is expected to depart from a specific location.

Typically, each platform has a digital sign that displays the platform number, train number, final destination, and departure time for the route. 

When it comes to train schedules in Europe, they are usually very reliable. Except for Belgium, where the trains were often delayed during our visit, we noticed that trains in Europe generally departed right on time according to their schedules.

What to Expect?

When you board a train in Europe, you can expect to find comfortable seating, as mentioned before. There is also plenty of legroom and large windows that allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery as you travel. 

The amenities available on your train journey may vary depending on the class of travel, route, and train company. Some possible amenities include Wi-Fi, power outlets, and food and drinks.

Every train has restrooms on board. You can usually find them between two train cars. The restrooms are bigger than airplane lavatories, but they have something in common: the water is not safe to drink. 

Individual Train Tickets Vs. A Rail Pass Ticket

When you’re planning to travel by train in Europe, you can choose between buying separate train tickets or getting a rail pass. If you’re going on a short trip or only visiting one or two places, individual tickets are a great option. 

Rail passes are great for longer trips because they allow unlimited travel within a specific region or country.  

The Eurail Pass is a special train pass for people who are visiting Europe but are not residents there. It is designed specifically for tourists and travelers. Using this option is a great way to travel and visit many different places or countries. If you’re planning to travel by train, you can purchase a Eurail Pass. This pass allows you to travel for a specific number of days and gives you the flexibility to get on and off trains whenever you want. 

If you’re going to Europe and want to travel by train, you should definitely get the Eurail Pass. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there before or if it’s your first time.

To make things easier, you can book the Eurail Pass directly on Rail Europe. This allows you to compare the prices of the pass with booking individual tickets. It will help you decide which option is best for your travel plans.


Should you fly or take the train in Europe?

Whether it’s better to fly or take the train in Europe relies on a number of things, like your travel plans, how much time you have, how much money you have, and your personal preferences. 

If you’re going a long way, it’s usually faster and easier to fly than to take the train. For example, a train trip from Paris to Rome could take several hours, but a flight would only take a couple of hours. But for long trips, you can take a train that lets you sleep. Sleeper trains let you sleep in one country and wake up in another if you prefer to travel long distances by train.

Another thing to think about when deciding whether to fly or take the train in Europe is how much money you have. Most of the time, taking the train is cheaper than flying, especially if you plan ahead and buy your tickets. 

Probably the most important things to us are comfort and ease of use. We like the ease of taking the train, even though it takes a little longer. When flying with kids, it’s especially hard and uncomfortable to fly.

Is It Worth It to Buy a Eurail Pass?

If you plan to travel a lot in Europe and visit many different countries or places, the Eurail pass can be a good deal. But if your travel plans are more restricted, like living in one country or city or taking only a few shorter trips, it may not be worth the cost.

On Rail Europe’s website, you can choose from different Eurail passes based on how long you want to travel and how many train trips you want to take. In fact, when you buy the pass, you can put in your route and it will tell you if you need to book places ahead of time. 

With the Rail Planner app, you can store your Eurail pass on your phone and use it every time you take a train. When you enter and leave the train stop, you’ll just scan your pass on your phone or show it to the train operator, who will often check to see if people have tickets on longer rides.